Second day at camp, after a bit of a noisy night we got up and started the day with very loud music, a good breakfast and an energetic dance outside to welcome a sunny day. 

At  ten o’clock we started our lessons, they were great fun, we talked about food, we imagined ourselves travelling to different countries, we learned some survival skills and we discussed and practised different types of dancing.

We had a very tasty typical Spanish lunch, lentils with chorizo, pork sirloin with chips and ice cream for dessert (we love our cook)

The afternoon was great, we went to a very nice sports centre in Pradoluengo, we played football and other games on the pitch outside and we climbed inside or at least we tried.

After a typical British fish and chips dinner, we played a competition (karaoke, dancing, flexibility, lung capacity…) and finally we went to sleep.

It has been a very exciting day!

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