A new day began. During breakfast we sang Happy Birthday to one of our campers, Pablo Martín Tapias.

Afterwards, we did our daily flash dance to be awake enough to start our English lessons. We talked about film animation, public speaking, sports and animals.

Once we had lunch, we played some games and although the weather was a bit cooler than the previous days, we went for a walk through La Demanda Mountain Range. It’s so good to enjoy nature…

We got to the hostel, had a shower and phoned our families. Some of us didn’t feel well and had to stay in bed. The others had a delicious dinner (birthday cake included) and had a cosy pyjamas night watching a film.

Unluckily, during the whole day and night, the situation was getting worse and more and more campers fell ill, even the monitors. In the end, we decided to leave the hostel and finish this wonderful experience early. It was only a three day camp but it was really enjoyable.

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